Activities that promote health


Spending time in nature is the essence of mindfulness. When we spend time in nature sleep, blood pressure and pulse improves. Time in nature reduces stress, increase ability to concentrate and provide a higher quality of life. Through research on, among other things. A Alnarp, SLU and the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, it is clear that nature is very important for our health.


Nature demands nothing and you can listen to your thoughts, feelings and needs in an environment with no values. Below you will find some suggestions. Combine with several activities and stay overnight in our two cabins.


Food tastes great outdoors!


Invite family, friends, colleagues to a different dining experience. Prepare a two- or three-course dinner by the fire on the beach. Enjoy the scents, colors, flavors and community. Weather permitting, we serve the food on our "bridge boat", otherwise we use the shelter. Minimum 4 persons and maximum 12.

Contact us for menu and price proposals.




Wood-fired sauna by the beach. Use the sauna and cool off afterwards during summer season with a swim in the lake in the company of good friends.

There is room for a maximum of 5-6 people at a time in the sauna.


Scenic hiking!


Within 300 m you reach the forest with nice animal paths and forest roads. Östgötaleden passes outside the house and through a beautiful natural and cultural country where you can feel the wings of history.
Östgötaleden leads directly past the house. On this way across Östergötland you can discover numerous
sights and the beautiful nature. Within 3.5 kilometers connects Tjustleden in Falerum.


Picking mushrooms and berries!


We will guide and show you where there are berries and mushrooms to find. From July-October.


Lets go fishing!


Fishing and spin fishing for own use in a limited area in the lake and in the river.