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Cottages to rent

Two cottages in one, each containing 6 beds. It is possible to rent one of them, or both.
We offer accommodation in our cosy, old semi-detached house, in scenic surroundings.
In order for you to enjoy your stay here, both cottages are equipped for self-catering in a modern
but simple way. We offer relaxing and scenic surroundings in a district marked by the tradition of
ancient mills and agriculture. Gärdserum is a little church village in the beautiful valley of Ukna,
around 12 km south of Åtvidaberg, in the southern part of Östergötland.

See further under the heading ”Cottages”.
There are several beautiful views from the viewpoints on the mountaintops. Båtsjön (The
Boatlake) and Storån (The Big River) are two of the water courses in the valley and there are
open landscapes where you can see all kinds of animals, from rare bugs and insects to grazing
cows and horses, in the summer, that is.

Welcome to Stay in Gärdserum!


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Outdoor cooking

A fun way to socialize

Nature experiences

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Relax with a warming sauna


Scenic hiking


Equally fun for young and old

Mushrooms & berries

The Swedish forest is a gold mine just around the corner

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